Publication Ethics

The Editors of Makara Journal of Science issue a set of publication ethics as guidelines for persons engaged in the publication of science research to comply with COPE practices establishes a high quality standard of ethics for journal publication.

  1. Authorship

Authors are expected to comply with the following ethical guidelines. Any infringement may lead to a retraction of the article, or even ban the author from journal publication.

  1. Author’s main obligation is to deliver accurate and complete details of the research performed. The research data should contain sufficient information on the related subject.
  2. Authors should ensure the originality of their work and that no fraud nor fabrication is involved in their manuscript
  3. Authors should guarantee that the article has not been published previously or is not being evaluated for publication elsewhere.
  4. Authors should ensure that their works do not contain any unlawful statements and any comment that may violate the law.
  5. Authors are aware and abide by misconduct policy described in the section 6.


  1. Editorship


  1. Editors should provide a fair judgment and consideration to all manuscripts based on its quality with no regard to race, religion, nationality, sex, seniority, or institutional affiliation of the author(s).
  2. Editors are responsible to consider all the submitted manuscripts in reasonable time frame.
  3. Editors, with their expertise and fair judgment are responsible to accept or reject the manuscripts. They are to build a good communication with authors in regards to the manuscripts publication. The final decision will be accompanied by the reviewer’s comment
  4. Editors are to make sure no private information of authors are included in the manuscript sent to reviewers
  5. Editors should ensure the confidentiality of the submitted manuscript and not to disclose any information about the manuscript under consideration to other parties
  6. Editors are to respect author’s request to not use certain reviewers – with a well reasoned objection - to consider their manuscript. However, editors can decide to use one or more of these reviewers if their professional input is considered to be important for the manuscript publication
  7. Editors are to comply with COPE practices when considering a manuscript for publication