DINAMIKA : Jurnal Kajian Pendidikan dan Keislaman 2022-04-11T03:07:20+00:00 Hilyah Ashoumi Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Dinamika </strong>diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Agama Islam dan Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (LPPM) Universitas KH. A. Wahab Hasbullah Jombang. Jurnal ini ditujukan untuk mengundang para akademisi, dosen, maupun peneliti untuk berkontribusi dalam publikasi ilmiah. Dinamika memuat hasil penelitian yang meliputi pendidikan Islam, ekonomi shariah dan pemikiran Islam. Terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun, bulan<strong> Juni dan Desember</strong>. E-issn :&nbsp;<a href=";1478068646&amp;1&amp;&amp;" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2548-6896 </a></p> PENGARUH PENERAPAN MODUL QURAN HADIST TERHADAP HASIL BELAJAR PESERTA DIDIK KELAS X MA ISLAMIYAH KEPUNG KEDIRI 2022-04-11T03:07:20+00:00 Dian Kusuma Wardani Ramadania Fitri Rawinda Hilyah Ashoumi <p>This study aims to determine the application of the Qur'an Hadith module to the students of class X MA Islamiyah Bulurejo Kepung Kediri and the effect of using the Koran Hadith module on the learning outcomes of class X students at MA Islamiyah Bulurejo Kepung Kediri. The population in this study were students of class X MA Islamiyah with a total of 30 students. Data collection methods used are test and observation. The data normality test states that the data spreads following a normal distribution so that the paired t test can be used in this study. The results of the paired t-test hypothesis testing showed a significant value (0.000) &lt; alpha (0.05), so it can be said that there is a significant effect of using the Quran Hadith module on student learning outcomes. The results of the calculation of the average posttest score are better, namely 86.67 compared to the pretest average value, which is 77.67. So it can be said that the use of modules can be a solution in teaching and learning activities to help students more easily understand the material presented by the teacher.</p> 2021-12-20T10:50:43+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISIS E-LEARNING READINESS (ELR) SEBAGAI INOVASI MEDIA PEMBELAJARAN BAHASA ARAB DI MAN 3 JOMBANG PADA MASA PANDEMI 2022-04-11T03:07:20+00:00 Afif Kholisun Nashoih Nia Safirotul Hidayah <p>The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on changing the learning system in Indonesia, from the face-to-face learning system to distance learning by utilizing e-learning. This research was conducted as an effort to analyze the level of e-learning readiness in learning Arabic at MAN 3 Jombang during the pandemic, in order to determine the effectiveness of the use of e-learning. This research is a descriptive research supported by primary data in the form of numbers, so the approach in this research is quantitative. Data was collected using two techniques, namely observation and distributing questionnaires. The results of the study revealed that the teachers in implementing e-learning in learning Arabic were considered ready. This is based on the achievement of the score on the aspect of personal ability of 79.7%, the aspect of material development and online delivery reaching a value of 80.9%, and the aspect of carrying out online evaluations obtaining a value of 75.6%, so that the three indicators are classified as in good qualification.</p> 2021-12-20T10:56:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## DEVELOPING PUZZWORLD GAME FOR WRITING SKILL 2022-04-11T03:07:20+00:00 Yuyun Bahtiar Nina Zulva Syafaatin Akhmad Kanzul Fikri <p>The use of ICT in education is a must and can be said to be a necessity in the digital era. This is because it is an effort to create quality learning. PuzzWorld Game (Puzzle World Game) is a technology-based learning media developed as a game that contains various learning materials that have been adapted to the needs of students. However, its existence is still rarely used in the world of education. The existence of ICT in the form of Puzzle Games in English lessons can support learning success because not all students easily understand every subject matter presented. PuzzWorld Game is a solution to student problems because it can facilitate student learning activities. This study examines the use of Puzzle Game media in optimizing English learning in junior high schools, especially in writing skills. A study on the use of the Puzzle Game was conducted in 2021 at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Nurul Qur'an Ploso Jombang with a total of 26 students. This type of research is development research. To analyze the results of the study used descriptive qualitative analysis. Data were obtained through questionnaires and learning outcomes tests. Researchers tested the effect of Puzzle Game Media. The results get 95 was in “very good” category. Through Puzzle Games, students can evaluate learning outcomes well and make it easier to understand the material being studied. The results of this study are very relevant in learning, especially in improving student learning outcomes towards learning English at Junior High School level.</p> 2021-12-20T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## INVESTIGATING STUDENTS’ PERSPECTIVES ON THE USE OF TIKTOK AS AN INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA IN DISTANCE LEARNING DURING PANDEMIC ERA 2022-04-11T03:07:20+00:00 Nurul Afidah Novi Kumala Sari Hanifah Hanifah <p><strong>Abstract</strong></p> <p>This study aims to investigate on students’ perspective on the use of TikTok Application as supplementary instructional media during pandemic session. 20 students of English Department Student at UNWAHA were voluntary to take part in this descriptive study. Employing questionnaire was carried out to obtain data related to their opinion. The researcher collects the data through questionnaire. Then, the researcher selects and identifies the data. After selecting the data, the researcher displays those data into good sentences. 3) After displaying data, the conclusion is drawn.&nbsp; This questionnaire is analyzed by using descriptive statistics The findings revealed that students at UNWAHA second-semester give positive attitudes towards introducing TikTok as video aids into EFL classroom teaching meanwhile using it as an English learning strategy out of class. Also, they stated that TikTok is expected to be used as instructional media in speaking class.</p> 2021-12-21T01:33:10+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## STRATEGI PEMBELAJARAN MURDER UNTUK MENINGKATKAN PEMAHAMAN SISWA KELAS X PADA MATERI PAI DI SMK TI BAHRUL ULUM JOMBANG 2022-04-11T03:07:20+00:00 Emi Lilawati M Alvian Eko F M Aliyul Wafa <p><em>The research objectives to be achieved in this study are (1) to find out or implement a </em><em>MURDER</em><em> strategy to improve students' understanding of PAI material at </em><em>SMK TI Bahrul Ulum Jombang </em><em>. (2) To find out the mastery of students' understanding of PAI material at SM</em><em>K TI</em> <em>Bahrul Ulum Jombang </em><em>&nbsp;through the application of </em><em>MURDER</em><em> learning strategies. Which is based on the formulation of the problem, namely </em><em>(</em><em>1</em><em>) </em><em>How to implement the </em><em>MURDER</em><em> strategy to improve students' understanding of the PAI material at SM</em><em>K TI</em> <em>Bahrul Ulum Jombang</em> <em>(</em><em>2</em><em>)</em><em> How to master the </em><em>MURDER</em><em> strategy to improve students' understanding of PAI material at SM</em><em>K TI</em> <em>Bahrul Ulum Jombang</em><em> To achieve the above objectives, the researchers used qualitative research types . This research uses a descriptive approach and data collection by researchers in the form of observation methods, interview methods, and documentation methods. Then the technical analysis of data used by researchers is using data reduction, data presentation, and data withdrawal.</em><em>rom the results of data analysis regarding the Murder learning strategy to increase students' understanding of PAI material at SM</em><em>K TI</em> <em>Bahrul Ulum Jombang</em><em>, namely: Learn to be confident in expressing opinions. While the shortcomings are difficult to condition students. However, the teacher has been able to create students with patience to teach and the teacher tries to motivate students to be more enthusiastic about learning.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong> <em>MURDER</em><em> Strategy, Understanding, </em><em>Qualitative</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2021-12-21T01:37:47+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## INTEGRASI MANAJEMEN KURIKULUM SEBAGAI UPAYA PENINGKATAN MUTU PEMBELAJARAN DI SEKOLAH 2022-04-11T03:01:49+00:00 Ali Priyono Ahmad Nur Ismail Riyas Nur Wardani Dewi Mardiyanti Latifatul Bariroh <p><em>The purpose of this study was to determine the integration of curriculum management in Roushon Fikr Islamic Elementary School Jombang in improving the quality of learning. The locus of this research was taken, because SDI Roushon Fikr is an Islamic educational institution that was present in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, and is located in the santri city of Jombang as the basis of a large Islamic boarding school in East Java. The research method used is a qualitative descriptive approach, with data mining techniques through observation, interviews, and relevant documentation as secondary data. The results showed that; first, planning the curriculum at SDI Roushon Fikr carefully and structured at the beginning of each year, but still needs to align the process of preparing the lesson plan (RPP), syllabus, and learning tools that are adjusted to the educational calendar and effective week; second, the organization of learning at SDI Roushon Fikr is carried out by representatives of the school in the field of curriculum, through the stage of division of responsibilities for each teacher that is relevant to the field of expertise of each teacher; third, the implementation of the curriculum and the relevance of the quality of learning at SDI Roushon Fikr, starting with opening activities, core activities, and closing activities; fourth, the monitoring and evaluation of the curriculum is carried out by the principal through supervising the school representatives in the curriculum field and the subject teachers in every semester and every year.</em></p> 2021-12-21T01:45:47+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##