• Lailatus Sa’adah
  • Ja’far Sodiq Maksum


The research is aimed to 1) To know the measurement of performance in consumer perspective. 2) To know the performance measurement in the internal business process perspective. 3) To know the performance measurement in learning and growth perspective. The sample of this study were inpatients as much 135 people, outpatient 89 0rang for measurement of consumer satisfaction and hospital employees 86 people for job satisfaction measurement. Based on the result of the research, the perspective of customer satisfaction is the result of Measurement of inpatient and outpatient satisfaction with six existing indicators: Tangible, Realibility, Responsiveness, Assurance, empathy, Cost and Intensity service. All of these indicators show good patient satisfaction scores. the measurement of profitability shows there is a decrease in the level of consumer profits, its performance is considered not good. Retention measurement results indicate an increase in inpatient installations while retention measures are increasing in outpatient although followed by decreased retention or acquisition in other installations. For internal business perspective the BOR Value is below the standard set by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia means the use of hospital bed low level. The value of TOI is the bedtime interval not exceeding the hospital standard quickly and responsive in doing the service to the patient. BTO value exceeds the predetermined standard This means that the number of additional beds the patient is not balanced with the number of patients who enter due to an increase in the number of patient visits. The ALOS score is still below the standard that the average RS Moedjito patient comes home faster than the minimum standard. The GDR and NDR values are below the tolerance limit or in accordance with the standard in other words the performance improvement in the service of the patient during the healing process. While the measurement of learning and growth perspective seen from employee productivity can be said less. Employee turnover is said to be good, while employee Satisfaction is spelled out in five existing indicators that are motivation, self development, leadership, work atmosphere and job and responsibility. Broadly speaking of all existing indicators employees are satisfied in working. Satisfaction in the good category more dominates its value.



Keywords: Balanced scorecard, consumer perspective, internal business as well as learning and growth.



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